“Nature’s Hidden Dimension” by W.H.S. Gebel

From the Preface

We are living in a golden age of cosmology. Recent discoveries in astrophysics have provided us with a virtual creation story for the whole Universe. And yet, as fascinating as that story is proving to be, it hasn’t brought us any closer to answering the perennial questions about whether there is any meaning and purpose to the Universe or to our lives. In fact, the answer science provides for this question is more likely to be that the existence of the Universe and our lives within it are meaningless.


As a child I had a great interest in the nature of the Universe and the questions its existence raises. Where do we come from? What are we doing here? Does life have any meaning or purpose? Science fiction exercised my imagination and popular books on physics and cosmology seemed to promise answers to my questions. I dreamed of making discoveries that would advance our knowledge of the meaning and wonders of the Cosmos. I studied physics in college and went on to get an advanced degree in astrophysics. As I got to know something about the science of cosmology as it stood at that time, I realized that the field seemed to be starved for empirical data and rather speculative.

At that time, when I was feeling discouraged about finding answers to my questions through the field of scientific cosmology, I had an inner awakening that led me to a spiritual path. It felt like coming home. I spent many years going through an esoteric training that opened up my inner life. I was finding meaning in my life, not from a discovery of the meaning of the Universe, but from insight into the nature of my inner self, my soul. I learned that my dreams and desires are not just personal but that they are a clue to why I am here, to a larger purpose. My spiritual path has much to say about finding and pursuing one’s purpose in life. I decided to make a study of those teachings and apply them in my life. Out of that effort came my first book, “Root Speaks to Bud.”1

As I had found meaning and purpose personally by discovering my inner life, it occurred to me that the metaphysical ideas of the great mystics of the world would provide insights into the story of the inner life of the Universe. While science is fitted for exploration of the outer life of the Universe, it is the mystic who has exercised the inner discipline needed to gain access to inner life generally and to the inner life of the Universe. 

Believers East and West have, in the past, taken comfort and inspiration in their faith that something greater exists than their own affairs. For those who believed, their lives were framed with meaning and hope. The triumph of skepticism, the watchword of science, has eroded faith in traditional beliefs. Science offers, in place of religious belief, a spectacle of wonder at the intricacy and intelligence of nature’s designs. I believe that an understanding and appreciation of the inner life of the Universe can go further. It can offer an integration of the scientific story of the outer life with the insight of mystics into the inner story. According to this tradition of wisdom, each soul is a unique expression of the Hidden Treasure and the sounding of the note of each soul is an important part of the purpose of the whole. 

My own experience of the inner life has helped me to understand the World in a more integrated way. I invite you to keep an open mind. You may find that an intuitive feeling about abstract intelligence in the Universe can be integrated into your personal belief in a way that is deeply satisfying.

1 W.H.S. Gebel, Root Speaks to Bud, New Lebanon, NY: Omega Publications, 2015